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Behind the scenes, we bring together the brightest people in health and wellness to create an unparalleled customer experience. We love what we do, and it shows.

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Suzanne McGee

Suzanne McGee: Love

Suzanne is an experienced healer with a demonstrated history of success in the wellness community. Throughout her career, she manages and sustains alternative health-caring solutions that delight people, whether they are receiving or delivering care. Suzanne is responsible for customer growth, and innovative retention using her blend of nurturing treatments featuring Bemer technology, doTERRA essential oils, and optimal plant-based nutrition. Suzanne was raised in a small family in Reading, Pennsylvania and was heavily influenced by her German Grandmother who believed in practicing holistic medicine. It was here that she first learned to use food as medicine which enables the body to restore itself. Like most people, Suzanne has been affected by deep loss cancer brings in her lifetime, and is inspired to help heal others. Suzanne actualized her dream to become a college graduate and bonus – married her college sweetheart Robert Mc Gee 54 years ago. They have six beautiful children and 22 amazing grandchildren. Caring for their health and wellness comes naturally to Suzanne McGee, and she is committed to sharing her knowledge with you and your family too!

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Bob McGee

Bob McGee: Service

Bob brings a lifetime of service and decades of personal experience to the world of optimal health and wellness. A wonderful family man, Bob has a Bachelor’s of Science from Brigham Young University in Zoology, and Physiology. Bob is a man of great faith who has lead an admirable life. Completing his mission for the LDS Church, serving as a medic in the United States Army, and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Bob’s dedication to service is evident in both his personal and professional life. A loving father of six beautiful children and now, 22 grandchildren, Bob enjoys sharing adventures with his family and takes tremendous pride in their accomplishments. An avid skier and cyclist, he loves to stay active and healthy. Bob’s daily prayer is: “Please help us use the energy you give us to make someone’s life better.” Today Bob finds more gratification in witnessing the healing of others than just about anything in the world. Bob McGee brings service, sincerity and inspiration to life.

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Erieka Pimentel: Compassion

Erieka is a gifted visionary and compassionate intuitive with strong gifts who has always been drawn to transforming lives. Erieka is a rare talent; a student of the healing arts, and certified Reiki Master of over ten years, who has always been called to change lives and feels blessed to follow her purpose and use her divine gift to help others. Erieka is a student of energy work, and coaching programs specifically designed to fine tune her gifts. Erieka is a conduit, holding light for other people to remind them of their purpose and their path. She puts her heart into everything she does, such as her work with veterans and special needs children. Erieka selflessly gives, which makes her so successful! Erieka takes tremendous pride in her decision to work with others, as she helps to ensure the family business empowers as many people as possible. If you’re looking for an intuitive, caring energy guide who is focused and magic, look no further . . . call now to book a BEMER session with Erieka today!

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Karen Douglas

Karen Douglas: Excellence

Karen brings more than a decade of excellence successfully introducing essential oil wellness to her native Southern California community. She combines a lifetime of holistic healing beginning with her father who was a pioneer of non-traditional natural remedies. Karen is all about family, whether her own or extended . . . she has been happily married for 55 years, with two healthy daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. Karen embraced holistic medicine as a mother, and influenced her children with natures healthy choices. Wellness is a way of life for Karen. At Nirvana Wellnest, Karen is charged with ensuring our clients achieve maximum value from our products and services, working with them to assure successful outcomes with BEMER & doTERRA protocols, treatments, wisdom and more. Karen finds it very rewarding to see people flourish. With strong operational talents and an artistic eye for vibration and energy work, Karen Douglas is a masterful student of life . . . a good listener, a joyful soul and an inspired member of the Nirvana Wellnest team.

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Bio Picture of Yvonne Lannelli

Yvonne Lannelli

Yvonne has always had a passion for science & nutrition and thus learned to combine the 2 in learning techniques for reducing weight. She also uses a state of the art ultrasound equipment that helps clients see what is going on underneath the skin layer- she can guide them to lose fat, retain muscle, or lose both according to their goals. She meets with you once a month for accountability. The first meeting is all about finding out what your caloric intake needs to be, providing a meal plan, and teaching you how to use a free app to learn how to get adequate amounts of protein and nutritious things rich foods. She used her experience to expand into creating a protein supplement company called Muscle Fuse, and they specialize in high-quality clean ingredients with no artificial flavor, colors, or sweeteners. It’s both delicious and nutritious and mixes easily for those on the go. It’s for everyone, including professionals, moms, dads, and athletes.

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